Mefrup ®  
Since 2003 Factory Rubber, Gaskets, Seals.  

Premium Brand

Company: Certified ISO 9001 2015 : 2019-2025


Company founded 2003 in Mexico

We started operations to satisfy the national market and
supply imported spare parts with the same quality as the

With the aim of reducing delivery time, avoiding stoppages of
machinery or production lines, the homologation of engineering
and precision machining plastic rubber artifacts is carried out.

Continuous training, investment in technology, our facilities
and experience are our strategic ally in this competition in the
quest to continue improving and offering the best quality of our

20 years later, we continue to learn and improve our
manufacturing processes day by day, as well as incorporating
new lines of business, diversifying and managing to position our
own brand in the market, now aimed at the original market.

In the highest industrial vanguard


Elastomer Engineering